Accelerometry: Benefits of Wearable PA Monitoring Device

Accelerometry device is made with the technology of accelerometer, which helps people to know about their health. If you have any health issues like obesity, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, breathing problem, etc. this kind of wearable device let you notify your clinical results. As well as they also count daily physical activity. The benefits you will get with a wearable physical activity device are-
• Continuous data collector:
When you go to the clinic for any certain test the test report shows the data or position of that time. But in the case of wearable monitors, you will get to monitor your every moment health counting. physical activity monitor will count your blood pressure, your pulse rate, your breathing or even your heart rate. Getting a report for throughout a week or month will let the doctor know the patient’s condition even better.
• Increase patient’s awareness:
Accelerometry device let the patient know his/her own heath rate counting. That motivates the patient more than the one time test report. By knowing their own health counting, they will do their regular physical activity. Also, these wearable indicates the daily medicine taking time too. Patients are not that aware of their health this device shows them their daily activity and motivate the awareness into them. They get more energy to work out and to eat healthily.
• Include emergency alert:
For a severe health condition, it is tough to predict anything. But with this device, as it monitors every second it tracks the rate and gives the previous alert for any interventions. For patients who suffer from fatal health issues are benefitted with these kinds of wearable devices very much.
• Accelerometry monitors sleep:
As the device counts your physical health and work as a physical activity monitor, it will also track your sleep. People who are less active and don’t count their sleep, this device will be beneficial for them by counting their sleep.