The ancient art of gambling

Too much of anything is harmful
Gambling and gamblers are often ostracized and looked down upon in the society unjustly. It is not fair that people look down upon someone simply because he or she has a certain hobby that is different from their own.

Granted, gambling has sometimes led to people losing everything and destroying not only their lives but the lives of their family as well but this is only true for those who lost their path and got addicted to it. The excess of anything is bad; too much protein can be harmful for your bones, too many cute children lead to overpopulation, too many wild animals can make life difficult for humans; thus the problem is not with gambling itself but with the self control that people often lose when they start gambling, and this self control can be lost by anyone for any other thing than gambling.
Gambling is something that has existed in the world since ages ago. It is something that has been prominently featured in epics and mythological tales from all over the world. it is thus not something that has just recently come into being. Gambling is a pastime which man has indulged himself in for more than two millennia and it cannot be simply dismissed as a vice. The gambling industry today is widespread and has its presence all over the planet. Not every country might have casinos but almost all of them have gambling in some form of the other. Betting on sports matches is now a very ordinary occurrence and people no longer have to physically go to any bookie or casino to indulge in their pastime either.

Gambling has now been brought to your mobile phones and computers
People now simply need to fire up their computer or their mobile phone and login to the internet to start indulging in this ancient art. Online casinos such as the bola99 (Placenta) have now made it possible for you to participate in the ancient pastime without ever leaving your home.