Bola tangkas- a ball point game:

bola tangkas (Agile balls) are the balls which are normally used in the ball point games. The ball point game is very exciting and fun game way to explore the process flow. The conditions are quite easy and simple, through which many people can get an exciting experienced game. This game is normally played with the group of members, where the team members have to collect many agile balls as soon as possible within the two minutes of time. All balls must reach and touched by team members at least one time in the particular round. In the first round, the collection of balls is very less and difficult but after initial stage, the process can adopt by the player help to reach more ball as soon as possible.

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The rules of Bola tangkas point game:
The rules and conditions of Bola tangkas point games are little straight forward and help the players to get easy winning point; All players are the part of one big team.
• Each ball must have air-time.
• Each ball must be reached and touched at least single time once by each team member.
• Agile balls cannot be passed or transferred directly to your neighbor player of your immediate right or left.
• Each agile ball has to return back to the same person who introduces it into the point game system.
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Know the process of Bola tangkas point game:
The flow of Bola tangkas point’s game is consisting with various iterations of play straight away followed by a demonstration. Here you can see the process of the game;
• The initial step is to allow two minutes of time for team members to organize themselves.
• Secondly, obtain the estimation from the team members regarding how many agile balls they will be able to pass through the scheme.
• Run or start two minutes of iteration.
• In the next step allow members for their team discussion for further improvement.
• Continue the iteration till the teams earn 150 points.