Chauffeur Service Oxford: Difference between Chauffeur and Driver

Hiring a chauffeur service oxford and a driver are two different things you must know before hiring one. The driver service and chauffeur service will provide licensed and knowledgeable drivers to you. Though both the chauffeur and the driver are meant to drive you from your location to your destination but the key difference is in the way they provide their service. Here are the detailed differences between the two.

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1. The driver can be anyone:
That means a person who knows how to run a vehicle and become an adult, got a license will introduce himself as a driver. The driver only knows the road rules and don’t even follow those to finish the journey in less time and grab other passengers. But chauffeur needs proper training rather than road rules. Chauffeur not run vehicle out of competition. They know the proper traffic rules and many more skills to drive on the road.
2. Chauffeur service oxford: Attire:
It can be said that chauffeur is the more updated version of the driver. A driver comes in no formal dress and even wears dirty clothes. But a chauffeur always comes in a proper dress including a hat. Chauffeur service oxford dressed to impress their clients.
3. The driver may be an outsider:
A driver you hire is not always a local person. So you will not get any preferences about local famous places or restaurants or hotels. So booking a driver for travel or business trip to an unknown place is not a good idea. But a chauffeur does know all of these as chauffeur are always a local person.

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4. Service:
Chauffeur provides a first class service that people generally expect from any trip. A chauffeur knows that only driving you with your luggage from place to another and drop you are not his only work. Chauffeurs stop the car in many stops throughout the journey if needed. But a driver will only drop you to your destination and will never allow multiple stops during the journey as a chauffeur service oxford.