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If you are a pregnant lady and wants to Read More and more about the topics related then visit any website and read the content. It is obvious that a lady who is first time pregnant don’t know how many weeks pregnant she is? Hence in this article, you will find the answer to all of your questions. You just have to click hereto know all about the details provided here.

What questions are asked about pregnancy?
How many weeks pregnant am I from my last period?
Usually, the Doctors count the pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. It is not easy to know for women’s that how many weeks they have been pregnant and when they exactly ovulated. But they may remember the last time they had periods by which they can easily know how many weeks of their pregnancy has passed.
Does pregnancy last for nine months?
No, all the pregnancy do not last for correct nine months, and you can calculate the due date of your pregnancy by visiting any professional doctor. No pregnancy end correctly after end moth it may happen that you have a pregnancy of nine months plus one week more as in the case of leap year. Online information is available regarding pregnancy; you can click here and read about how many weeks exactly you are pregnant.

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