Crossword puzzle answers: your solution to the tough crosswords

crossword puzzle answers have slowly become a craze amongst the crossword fanatics, people who spend nearly their entire lives solving these puzzles or are addicted to them in such a bad way that their personal lives, marriages, and even jobs are in jeopardy. These puzzles were first introduced in the US as rectangular or square grids of alternate black and white shaded squares which had to be filled up with words from the clues given. This puzzle spread like a virus amongst the adults during the 19th century and this way the brainchild of Arthur Wayne who first published the crossword on the Sunday edition of the New York World on 21st December 1913.

How did crossword puzzle answers become so important to the people?
Arthur Wayne created the most primitive form of crossword puzzles for New York World’s eight-page comic section. These natural forms of crossword evolved into three different types of problems. They are:
• Standard or American style of crossword puzzles
• Freeform or criss-cross style of crossword puzzles
• Cryptic style of crossword puzzles
• There are also numerous grid types of crossword puzzles like:
• The South African or British style
• The Japanese style
• The American style
• The Swedish style
• The Barred Grid crossword style

With the advent of so many different crosswords about different styles, there was a need for a solution to these crosswords. It is from where crossword quiz answers gained popularity, and some dedicated sites are available Daily lots of people visit these site to check their answers or to find solutions to difficult crosswords.
Crossword Solutions, a real life saver in some situations
Crossword puzzle help comes in handy to those people who are mad about these problems. Even sometimes people place bets on how fast they can complete a puzzle.