Eating cannabis instead of smoking it

What are cannabis edibles?
Cannabis edibles are food products that contain the miracle herb, cannabis, and are consumed for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis edibles are not a new concept and the characteristics of cannabis has been known. People from India and other Asian parts have known the benefits of cannabis for ages and have been consuming it in some form or the other. The Indian beverage ‘bhang’ for example is a popular drink and even considered holy and a mainstay of Indian culture. Many experts over the years have claimed that, eating cannabis, after cooked properly, is a better way to consume cannabis as compared to smoking.

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Cannabis edibles can be taken in various forms. Baked goods are one of the classic favourites. It is not easy to tell the difference between baked goods as well as those containing cannabis. The ones containing cannabis do however emit a faint odour and do have a mild grassy flavour. Muffins, brownies and cookies containing cannabis are widespread and the most common. Although less common, cannabis can also be taken in the form of liquids. As mentioned before, the Indian beverage ‘bhang’ is an ancient drink and has a holy status in India. Cannabis infused drinks is becoming slowly popular in the United States as well. Other forms include consuming cannabis in the form of edible oil. Cannabis oils are prepared by mixing cannabis with heated cooking oil. Cannabis, being soluble in alcohol, can also be added into conventional alcoholic drinks like rum and brandy.
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It can also be infused with butter
A less widespread but very effective way to consume cannabis is by infusing it into melted butter. This creation is called the cannabutter. One can find many different recipes online to not only make cannabutter but also to use it in various edible items. For example, using the cannabutter crockpot to make some of the strongest weed butter.