Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoids on Brain Receptor Cells

Pending legalization of marijuana by the society and various cultures, synthetic cannabinoids are gaining popularity as man-made mind-effecting chemicals. These synthetic products are lab-made substances that have no natural content of cannabinoids, except shredded plant materials. People have misconception that these are synthetic marijuana or cannabis, but there is no truth in their thinking. People are making extensive use of these products as a substitute to cigarette or nicotine smoking, but scientists and healthcare are viewing it in some other way. medical marijuana is set to enter the market of medicines.

Why synthetic cannabinoids are fit for medicine?
People who consumed synthetic product or they call it fake weed, observed mind-changing effects. Scientists say that itacts on the cell receptors of the brain like delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ingredients do in marijuana, but they have not been able to find how they affect the brain cells. The consumers say that they feel enhanced mood, altered awareness, relaxation, and psychosis symptoms. Some serious physical and mental health problems, like nausea, increased heart rate, suicidal feelings, and violent behavior have also been reported and these are fatal for life. Synthetic cannabinoids can also cause addiction and regular users have felt symptoms of headache, anxiety, depression and irritability.
The truth about synthetic cannabinoids
Medications and behavioral therapies have not precisely been tried for treatment of addiction to these synthetic products. In the absence of verified results, it is hard to prove their effectiveness as medicinal marijuana, unless thorough research is conducted to determine how the synthetic cannabinoids act on brain cells and what cause them to create the effects, as stated above in this article.
Are Synthetic cannabinoids good as medicine?
Unless results of scientific result studies provide some positive indications about its use as medicinal cannabis, it would not be appropriate to say anything about its effective medicinal use. However, its mind- changing effects provide the clue that it could be a good medicine to treat some medical conditions.