Forge of Empires: How to Get Free Diamonds and More

What are Diamonds employed for?

Forge of Empires is a game which needs a great deal of patience and patience. To be able to advance from the game you'll have to stockpile coins, supplies, forge points, and goods. These tools under ordinary conditions would take weeks to develop. However, the game manufacturers offer you the opportunity to buy diamonds with actual money to accelerate your progress. The purchase of diamonds is often very expensive that has caused many players to search for ways to get free diamonds. Fortunately the game manufacturers in their wisdom produced a range of hidden quests for hacker forge of empires which can reward players with those highly coveted prizes.

The tomato pursuit must be the first from the repeatable chain of quests.

Random Reward Quests

After finishing the tutorial together with Ragu Silver tongue, then you're awarded another pair of side missions starting with Greva Darn asking you to earn a jug. All these side missions you may notice may be aborted. Should you strike abort enough times you will come across a collection of repeatable quests that offer random rewards. These repeatable quests normally come after the negative assignment asking you to research mathematics and will only appear if you don't go into Iron Age. The rewards for all these pursuit are randomly granted and certainly will be some of these:

• 20 Diamonds
• 1 Moderate Forge Point Pack
• 5 Bronze Age Goods
• 100 or 300 Coins or Provides
• 1 Fantastic Construction blueprint
• 5 Medals

Considering these quests are repeatable you can construct your town to exploit them over and over and stand up on free resources such as those infrequent diamonds everybody enjoys.
You will find repeatable quest show for every era, but the Bronze Age quests would be the easiest to perform. Based on how long you invest in playing with you can acquire hundreds of rewards daily. It isn't vital to exploit every pursuit in the show the top ones will be Gather 1800 Coins, Spend 8 Forge Points, Create 2 Helmets, Research 2 Technologies, and Have 4 Slingers and 4 Spear fighters. It will require some time to learn the ideal design to maximize the rewards that you get, but the profits will put you far ahead of your competition and the free diamonds will be the icing on the cake.