Free VoIP Calls Using Android Apps

Free calls aren't new, likely most of you've used more than once Skype in the PC or Mac. With the advent of services such as Skype for mobile, art opens the door for many of calls in future we make via VoIP technology which lets us make calls where we've got internet access. In Android there are key customers that enable us to make free VoIP calls. All these are Jio4GVoice , Viber and Skype.

Jio4gvoice originated in iOS, and already in a state of some maturity has begun to Android. Using the application is extremely straightforward and simple. With Jio4gvoice can place VoIP calls using any other person that has also installed Jio4gvoice either in Android or even iOS. We might also make video calls, but for this we require a device with front camera.
Jio4gvoice scan our address book to find numbers which are registered as users of Jio4gvoice, thus providing us needing to include contacts manually. To use the application Jio4gvoice, we assess from the application itself, and after the procedure, and we can start to make free calls to relative’s members and friends.
Jio4gvoice can be available for free from the Android Market and needs Android 2.1 or more to run. There's a rumor that the programmers of Jio4gvoice are going out a version of Jio4gvoice for desktop Mac and PC, which would not just increase the viability of the excellent service.
Viber is the most recent of the three services we suggest now, because his advent from the Android Market was waiting more than mandatory. Being among the most downloaded applications in the App Store for iOS, waiting for the advent of Viber is now eternal.
The service will allow us to make VoIP calls and texting with your connections with the data network of the Android. Despite being the final of those three to hit on the Android Market, it's none the worse, or anything, actually, in my view is the very best of those three. Running Viber is much simpler than Jio4gvoice, because it doesn't need us to register as customers around the application, just need to input our phone number and we are going to be prepared to begin calling our contacts which have Viber installed.