How does e cig help to quit smoking?

One could never emphasize more on the harmful effects of smoking. It is the root cause of early mortality rate in adults and is single handedly responsible for the growing number of Tuberculosis and bronchitis cases in the country. If your loved one smokes then it is more than likely that you are exposed to secondary smoke and it is equally damaging for your health. Now, you might be thinking of quitting but it’s not that simple. It is difficult to overcome the overwhelming urge to smoke especially if you’ve had the habit for decades. What you need is a device to gradually let you move onto better things in life. Electronic cigarette is just that and much more.

Not only do rehabs promote e cig, there are countless celebrities who favor the metallic cigarettes to the ordinary ones. In the popular TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, the actors even launch into a detailed explanation of how the electric cigarette works and how to use it. The heartthrob of Hollywood, Johnny Depp has been photographed with an e cigarette on more than few occasions. The wise actor has finally figured out that smoking would only lead to a shorter career and a yellowing smile among other hazards. Many doctors also recommend their patients to try an e cig while they work on quitting.

There are countless brands of electronic cigarette over the internet and you need to take your pick very carefully. Make sure that the device comes with a great starter kit. It should include extra vials, a spare battery and a charger. On occasion, the manufacturer may add enticing new flavors and you can try them for free. You can see which one favors you the most and then order it online. An e cig may be the milestone to a turnabout in your health for the better so it is wise for you to give it a try before taking up smoking like an engine again.

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