How Tea tree oil can be used?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is also considered as antiseptic natural oil. Tea tree oil have so many uses such as in home in the form of cleaning products, beauty products, medicines etc. oil of tea tree is widely used for the skin and hair care. Tea tree oil helps to remove acne and also helps to remove make up. It has very good healing power and prevents bacterial infections, fungal infections, nail infections, itchingetc.

Tea tree oil as beauty product-
Oil of tea tree is mostly used in skincare and hair care products. It helps to provide clean, fresh and beautiful skin. It helps in clearing acnes, dry skin and other infections. Tea tree oil is also good for hair care like removing dandruff, dry flakes, head lice etc.

Tea Tree Oil as Medicine-
This oil is used as traditional medicine helping us in clearing out infections like chickenpox, cold sores, respiratory tract infections etc. It can be used in the form of ointment too.

Tea tree oil for cleaning-
Tea tree oil is helpful to clean home, because it has antibacterial properties. It helps to kill all bad bacterias. It can be mixed with vinegar or lemon juice or plain water to be use as home cleanser.

Tea tree oil for deodorant-
As already mentioned, tea tree oil has antimicrobial power, which helps to kill all bacteria from body. It eliminates odor from our body and gives refreshing smell throughout the day.
Research says apart from above all benefits, tea tree oil also can be used for curing cancer lesions. Also, in oral health care it is so good for mouth, teeth and gums. It helps to keep whitening teeth, fresh mouth and strong gums. Because of its ability to kill bad bacterias, it can also be used to cure cuts and infections. Strictly it is to be used for external purpose and not taken internally.