Studies have found that intermittent fasting and other fasting techniques are successful for weight loss, which they also have a couple of health benefits, but the constant sense of thirst isn't suitable for everybody as it can be taxing on the body, however the fantastic thing is that physicians from the Sun Yat-Sen University in China discovered a way to help make fasting a bit simpler and more successful; and the reply is l carnitine liquid.


A research was performed on two classes, each comprising 15 obese adults. As usual, 1 group was given a placebo, while the other team was awarded two daily injections comprising two 000mg of L-carnitine for a span of seven days. Both groups began to quickly on day 3 of the experiment and they just ate 200 calories throughout those days comprising vegetable soup lunch and breakfast, the two teams also walked for a couple hours daily throughout the fasting periods.


As an anticipated outcome, the L-carnitine shots did figure out how to accelerate overall weight loss as well as the L-carnitine group lose weight 1.4 kilograms more than the placebo group, but not only did the L-carnitine group lose more fat, they also were able to accomplish a greater weight reduction in centimetres.

The L carnitine liquid group also reported that they had significantly less desire pains compared to placebo group throughout the fasting period.