Most appealing matched betting product OddsMonkey

oddsmonkey is now for long time been everywhere. Their traditional method was supplying tools to third party who are betting providers. They claim more than 70 betting sites were using their product and now they decided to do by own. Odds developed some brilliant tools available only in their sites.

Odds matching tools
You can see the layout from somewhat 70 sites. Odds offer straightforward and clean interface which is something of industry standards.
There are more than 100 step by step tutorials videos along with easy to understand guides. It is a combination of text and videos that is not likely to leave anybody needing for more.
Daily offer Calendar
OddsMonkey review states it definitely appeals some advance users.
Free trial
The free trial of Odds is completely free. If you are a beginner, access this offer where you can earn maximum 45euro. It is the best way to start matched betting even without putting cash. It is worthy to take betting profit and not putting it into your fund or using for paying full premium subscription.
Monthly Premium
The monthly premium for odds cost you 15 euro per month. It is the cheapest and best match betting service all around. You will have a great experience with it. With this premium you can access all training guides, offers and tools available. You can earn maximum 1000 euro each month which is tax free.
Annual Premium
The annual premium of 150 euro per year which is similar to premium monthly but giving you 12 months accessibility for 10 euro. You are saving 30 euro which is worthwhile if you are willing to earn maximum profit from matched betting. In the end, that is what all matters in match betting.