Promotional strategies to getting YouTube views or Facebook likes

There are other promotion strategies that one can use without having to buy YouTube views (acheter des vues YouTube) or buy Facebook likes (acheter des likes Facebook). In this article, we will be looking at some of them. These are means that exist and people do not know that they exist.

 Data Section and Statistics: For YouTube, there is a section called “Data and Statistics”. This section is where all the traffic sources that are related to the video are saved;also, the numbers of people that have viewed the video are also displayed here. What you to do to utilize this strategy is to the website that have this traffic and upload the video content that you want to upload. Not all the sites have the upload option, so there might be need to send an email that is friendly to the administrator of the site, stating one’s request to post the video content there.

 Tags: The use of tags also is another promotional strategy to get like, rather than acheter des likes (buy likes), on YouTube. All you will just have to do is to get the most popular of trending video and check the tag there. Use this tag on your own content and you will see the enormous number of views that you will have in little time. The way this works is that people mistake your video for the one they are searching for, and with a click, they have helped you achieved their aim.

 Proxy sites: People use some proxy sites to generate traffic on YouTube but this is not safe as one can be banned from the platform by the site admin. The way it works is that fake traffic will be generated and views will increase but this is not advisable.

Asides these methods, there are companies that are available and can help you get or Buy followers (acheter des followers), or buy fans (acheter des fans) on Facebook pages