The rates of the coins in mmoga are more or not

This website is the best in the entire world in order to purchase the coins for the FIFA. This website allows you the cheapest coins from all other websites mean from mmoga you can purchase the cheapest coins and the method of purchasing coins are very easy. You just need to open the website of mmoga fifa 16 coins there just select the type of the console which you have than choose between the accounts select the amount of coins how much you want after all this measures you will see the block there fill all the personal details of yours and after this all formalities the FIFA coins will be added to your account in 5 to 370 minutes.

Can you play this game against your friend?
When you are playing the game against your friend than also you can earn the coins, when you will play with your friend than the internet will not be required and if you beat your friend than you can earn some amount of coins, the numbers of the coins depends on the game and it also depend on the game quality. The game will be good than you will earn great amount of coins.
What happened if you create a new FIFA account?
In case you are creating a new FIFA account than all the coins of your previous account will be transferred to your new account and there is no issues in that. You just need to link up that account through your email. Always when you make mind to buy the coins visit the mmoga fifa 16 coins there you will get the best FIFA coins and these will improve your game and best part is the rate of this coins are very cheap if you are crazy for the game than you can easily buy the coins as it is very affordable.