Side effects of electronic cigarettes or Vape juice

In the world of smoking that is actually an electric cigarette, is making its market really well. Initially, it was invented to give the nicotine pleasure to the smokers that help them to get rid of the addiction of smoking. Though it is not a, prescribe alternative of quit smoking still people wants to try this to quit smoking rather than those quit smoking centers. But now a days it is also popular in non-smoker zone too for its excellent tastes, huge types of flavors and also because of its lower health risk. But there are some drawbacks of consuming these E-cig liquid vapors such as:

Health risks:
Though the main ingredient of the cigarettes is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, all of these are food items. Still, some people are allergic to these things. So you must do an allergenic test before consuming this. Researcher says that vaping vape juice or E-cig liquid cause dehydration into your body. So it is important to consume lots of water if you regularly consume electric cigarette. Because it is a new product in the market so long term health risks are not proven but there are doctors who say that smoking an electrical cigarette only for five minutes can cause acute pulmonary effects on the person.
The battery of E-Liquid cigarette:
Because it is run by battery the charge of the battery may become an issue for you. You have to notice that how much battery is left and when you should plug in to the charger. Also, you have to know when you should replace the old battery with a new one. It was reported that electronic batteries also explode. As you know every battery equipment you use in your house has a risk to explode and this also comeson that list.
Because E-cig juice cigarettes are tax-free and you can get them easily from online you may face this issue. The government of every country makes a huge number of money from tobacco cigarettes companies, so the government also doesn’t allow this freely. click here to get more information best canadian e-juice.