Understand the Results of Microblading

Facial beauty is an essence of your personality. It gives the first impression of your appearance. How charming your face looks? It depends upon shape and size of your eyes, nose, lips, cheek, chin, and your eyebrows as well. Why females use eyebrow pencil? To create a shape of their eyebrows to enhance their facial charm. And if females have thick eyebrows, they make use of pluckers or threading to remove excess eyebrow hair. Eyebrow shaping by this way is not a permanent solution to this problem and you cannot spare time every day to shape your eyebrows.

What is the solution?

Have you heard aboutmicroblading?It is a method like a regular tattooing, not exactly the same, to insert pigment under the skin. In regular tattooing, the insertion is deep, but in eyebrow microblading, the insertion is done just under the skin. This method require preparation at least one week before the actual procedure. The actual procedure is painful, but not like labor pains. You can tolerate pain easily if your will power is strong. Undergoing this procedure from beautician having skill in this technique such as JStudio Victoria can guarantee the best performance.

What are the results?

Lower priced services for this procedure are available on many saloons, but an expert hand is good to achieve best results. Remember that this technique is semi-permanent and the eyebrows that will acquire dark color will fade up to 30-40 percent after some time and you will need to revive it again with the same treatment. Normally, repetition is required after six months, but depends most on your lifestyle.

Why should you go to the expert?

Microblading is not simple as you see because it needs an expertise. The place, like Jody Studio, has experts and good facility for this technique and moreover, you can feel the trust of using skin-friendly FDA-approved pigment for your skin. This is the reason microblading Victoria is recommended for this procedure.