What do you know about Manga

Manga is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Japan for a long time now. However, the rest of the world has now started catching on and this is popular not only in Japan but throughout the world. There is Manga Online which one can view, there are various Mangabased animation series which are run on TV are popular and one can even stream the online versions of it in addition to being able to Read Mangacomic books.
Perhaps the reason why this genre is so popular is due to the fact that Manga unlike most other kinds of animation is not only and exclusively meant for kids.
Manga is drawn by a person who is called a mangaka and this comic is usually read from the right to left. This art form is used when developing animated cartoons of it which are referred to as anime.
In manga symbols and colors hold a lot of importance. Some popular forms of Manga for the very young are Yoji, Doraemon and Shinchan.
There are also Shonen manga which has the main character who is a boy and this usually involves a lot of adventure and fighting. This has Dragon ball, One Piece, Death Note and The Prince of Tennis which are very famous.
Shojo manga usually revolves around relationships and emotions. This usually caters to girls in their teens. Some of these are Lala Hana to Yume, Ciao and others.
Seinen manga are for college going men and youth of that age group. This has Young animal which is popular. There are other various forms of manga like Shojo ai which shows romance between two female characters. Similar to it are the Shonen ai which features romance between two male characters. There is also seijin which men rather than women prefer.