Which are the apps which use the Accelerometry devices?

Accelerometry is considered as a device which is used to measure the human body’s daily activity. Nowadays you will also notice that there are many apps in the mobile phone which will calculate all your daily activities like walking, running, jogging and doing exercises. The app will also show you that how much active you were today and how much you should be to retain your normal shape of your body or tolose fat.

This accelerometry is a wireless sensor which is used to recognise as the daily physical activity monitor.Who will become the main trainer for your daily physical activity to become a fit person.
Applications used to measure the Physical activitymonitor
There ismuch application available in smartphones or iPhones which use the accelerometer sensor devices that are used to track your daily activity and gives the measurement.
The following are the application, and they are:
• My fitness pal – this app will measure your daily activities, your calorie count and how much carbs you have taken in a day. You can everyday log your daily food intake starting from your breakfast to your dinner and the count of your calorie intake.
• Runtracker – this app will track your everyday cardio exercises like running. This app will also use you GPS to track your direction and how many distances you have covered to give your overall percentage of your calories burnt.
• Strava running and cycling GPS – this app will also use your GPS to track your running and cycling, and at the end of the weekor the end of the day, they will give you all the result of how many calories you have burnt and how much you have to burn.
What are the features of using accelerometry device?
The main features of using accelerometry devices are:
• While using accelerometrydevices, you will always notice the differences between the daily habits you used to do in the beginning and now what are the changes you have noticed.
• While using this device, you will always have a healthy heart, and you will also remain in body shape.