Why organizations can customize their own workplace drug testing programs

While the standard way of testing for drugs in an organization is through conducting 5 panel drug tests, organizations have an option of customizing their own workplace drug testing programs. The 5-panel drug test usually tests for five drugs that include amphetamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, THC, PCP and opiates. But you find that organizations are not the same and people use different kinds of drugs. In fact, the type of environment a person works in can easily tell the types of drugs the person is likely to use. For example, those in the transport sector are more likely to use marijuana, while white-collar employees are likely to use designer drugs.

Some organizations are actually looking beyond the 5 panel drug test and adding more panels to their drug tests. Adding more panels means screening for more drugs. The options in this case include adding 6 panels to 12 panels in their drug tests. A 6-panel drug test adds Benzodiazepines to the test. These are psychoactive drugs commonly used for treating generalized anxiety, panic attacks, alcohol withdrawals and seizures. It is important to screen for this drug because continuous use of the drug can make an employee week, fatigued and dizzy all the time. This will basically hinder their alertness at work.

Apart from 5-panel drug testing and 6-panel drug testing, organizations can also expand to 7-panel drug testing. The addition of two more panels means that an organization will be able to screen for Barbiturates andBenzodiazepines. Barbiturates are sedative-hypnotic drugs commonly used for decreasing anxiety and fighting insomnia. Organizations should screen for this drug because they affect a person’s brain the same way sleeping pills or alcohol affect the brain. The drugs are also abused in most suicide incidences. If used by an employee, the employee will always feel confused and drowsy when working, thereby causing a safety concern at a workplace. click here to get more information Drug Tests In Bulk.